Our Story

We developed Imaginary Lights in 2018 after nearly 20 years of experience in service of some of the largest and most prominent productions including massive concert tours, television spectaculars, and blockbuster films. These remarkable productions inspire us to push the envelope and innovate with unique workflows using mainstream software, as well as develop new technologies never seen in our industry.

Our team of wizards is devoted to the craftsmanship of digital simulations for live events. We provide pre-visualization of your production at any phase of the production pipeline. Whether you are looking to present your vision through photo-real renderings, or need a cost-effective way to rehearse the technical elements of your show, we have the right tools for the task.

Our mission is to provide the industry with the best possible ways of communicating design through interactive imagery. We look forward to working with you on your next production.

David S. Perkins, Founder

Our Clients

Daniel Slezinger, Concert Investor

“I have worked with David Perkins on 4 arena world tours. He’s detailed, pushes the limitations of existing technology into new territory, and only operates with excellence."

Michael Appel, MA Design Syndicate

“David and I have been collaborating for many years. He brings his incredible talent and enthusiasm for the pre-visualization process to all of our projects.”

Alex Ares, DeadMau5

“David Perkins is a beast. The rig was perfect! When my other programmer, Bobby Brooks, and I showed up to rehearsal, it was spot on. What more can a guy ask for.”

Chase Simonds, Screens Producer

“David’s brings both technical knowledge and a lighting designer’s eye to the table in the projects we have worked on together. There are nuances to production visualization that require an in-depth knowledge of the physical space of stages and events that David just gets from his background in lighting design. It is a great peace of mind to not only have stunning photorealistic renderings to present, but also know that it is created with practical considerations that can be produced when it comes time to build it out.”

John  Dacosta, DGB LIVE

“Imaginary Lights went beyond the call of duty to delivery a previz file in such a short time. The quality and accuracy of their work is above all others. Such a pleasure working with them and we are looking forward to the next one.”