How can we empower your creativity?

We offer a full range of services to support every phase of your production.

Design Exploration

We offer a whole new way for designers and producers to work. Imaginary Lights can host a fully interactive design session, which allows all participants to view a design from any angle and make adjustments that are viewed by all.

Realtime Rendering

Imaginary Lights is the preferred services partner for Imaginary Labs, the developer for Carbon for Unreal. This cutting-edge technology allows for materials, dynamic lighting, and movement to be processed immediately. Our interactive renderer allows for more iteration and immediate feedback from any perspective.

Digital Rehearsals (AKA Previz)

Practice all technical aspects of your production without ever loading in a piece of physical equipment into the venue. Realize huge cost savings and increased productivity on-site.

Turn-key On-site Previz

We offer best in class experience for guest designers and artists on festival stages. We maintain a constant connection to work being performed on physical stages and coordinate all changes for guests.

Remote Previz Support

Working remotely at home or at one of our partner facilities? We have remote connections and portable kits to support all changes and issues no matter where and when.

Virtual Production Consulting

We are highly proficient with Unreal Engine, and can offer genuine lighting fixtures in your XR production. Additionally, we can tune your scene for best performance and flexibility.